Cat Shelf Company

About us

Our Story  
The Beginning

Our story starts with a mischievous cat, just like other cat products begin. Kennedy our wonderful model for all our photos got a huge $500 custom made cat tree that was over 5 feet tall! It wasn't even her birthday.......
With expectations high that she would use the not only use the fluffy cat tree as her hideaway but also to expel energy and scratch it to death.     

Well to our dismay this wonderful elegant expensive cat tree was soon forgotten just after a week. It wasn't solving anything. She would barely scratch it, she would sometimes jump on it and rarely hide inside of it. Our furniture was still being used a gym equipment and as worst of all a continued scratching post. 

Our Story  
The Product

The challenge begun to find something that could prevent Kennedy from scratching the furniture, expel her energy, get exercise and something she can use to hide.

This sounded like several products and not just one. Research started on cat scratching, why do they do this? Well who would have guessed? It's in their nature, they do it for several reasons. All of our research pointed to not to stop Kennedy but instead to show her where she can scratch.

We tested dozens of materials, from ropes, carpets and cotton. We found a material that Kennedy could actually dig her nails in really deep. It's our non-toxic carpet and she loved it!

Now what? Well we always knew Kennedy enjoyed being curious and venturing to high places. We thought to ourselves lets build a shelf! The funny part is you are reading this thinking we then put the carpeton the shelf and called it a day.

Nope, it wasn't that simple. We had not thought of putting the carpet on top of the shelf till one night we were sick of trying to find a toy like shape Kennedy would play with and threw the material on the shelf for the night and try again tomorrow.

We wouke up in the morning to find her scaratching the material that we left on the shelf! BAM that is how Cat Shelf Company was born!

Replaceable Carpet

Our product was designed to replace the used carpet with new fresh ready to scratch carpet. Check out our replacement kits.

30 Day Guarantee

Try it for 30 days and if your cat doesn't like the shelf send it back!

Quick Custom Builds

We make everything on order and get your product shipped within 2-3 days!